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A range of thoroughly refined high-flow airbrush paints. Stop worrying about thinning, and spend more time airbrushing.

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From Warhammer to D&D, to anything tabletop, you can enhance the immersive experience of your games by using beautiful terrain and miniatures. Our model paints, scenery supplies, basing materials and other colorful scale model supplies offer a variety of forms and textures to easily make that happen. Having landscapes on your tabletop and beautiful bases on your miniatures can truly bring your gameplay experiences to the next level.

Our range of grass tufts, including irregular shapes, and selection of 14 colorful flower tufts are enough to suit numerous environments. They can also be complimented by our range of texture paste, which easily transforms the environment of your miniature bases.

Our colorfast foam flock and original static grass blends come in a variety of colors and allow for lush and realistic landscaping options. With twelve foam flocks and nine different static grass blends, there’s likely something here that will suit your needs. We also have our 4-in-1 scatter which combines these items in one affordable package.

There’s a lot of opportunity to improve your painting techniques, enhance your scenery in a number of ways, and even add weathering effects to your models. If you can’t decide on just one style, all of our product categories are available in discounted bundles. From historical, to fantasy, and even sci-fi, there’s something for nearly every modeling and game enthusiast here.