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Acrylic Model Paints and Accessories

Acrylic Model Paints

Our acrylic model paints can color practically anything. With 70 different colors currently and more to come (including washes and metallic acrylic paints), your gaming can take on kaleidoscopic dimensions with such great hues as Ultra Violet, Quantum Green, Radar Red and more. We make and mix all of our acrylic paints in-house because, as gamers ourselves, we know the opacities and colors we’re looking for and we hope you’re of the same mindset! Don’t forget our acrylic paint kits – Wash Bundle, Natural Tones 2, Fluorescent, and Core Values – hand curated complimentary colors in each package are a fine way to start your burgeoning collection without a lot of effort or expense. They’re easy to store in our bundles boxes as well, although our paint display racks are an excellent way to inventory all your paints and have them accessible just about instantly!

Airbrush Paints for Modeling

Produced in-house, our airbrush paints come in more exquisite colors to match whatever your imagination wants to throw at your models and landscapes, all while maintaining a perfect color match to our brush on paints. These are premium-grade airbrush paints that are highly opaque and can achieve full coverage in one or two coats. They never require thinning, clean-up quickly and easily with water, won’t cause clogs and spattering with your paint device, and won’t dry in your airbrush. We’ve worked hard to engineer these paints to be really user-friendly and we think you’ll love the efficiencies (and colors) they bring to the table.

Colorshift Paints

Our multicolor paints are an interesting technology that some modeling gamers may not have encountered before. Basically, these unique paints change their color depending on the light source and viewing angle of how the painted pieces are placed – a la colorshift! Consider it an affordable way to have a cool, dramatic affect that can only be achieved using these special metallic flakes. We hope you’ll love this paint line as much as we do!

Paint Accessories

There are many purposes for various acrylic paint additives, similar to what we offer with our range of paint accessories. If you’re looking to extend the work-time of your paint, our slow dry is the perfect solution. It also allows for easy wet blending between colors. There’s also circumstances where your paint doesn’t glide over the surface of your model as smoothly as you’d like. For this, you can use our flow improver. Additionally, if you’re interested in thinning our an overly thick acrylic paint, our paint thinning medium is perfect for this. If you want the entire range, we offer everything together in one discounted acrylic paint additive bundle. Browse our paint accessories