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Miniature Basing Tufts

Expand your gameplay by creating realistic or imaginary landscapes with our generous collection of miniature basing tufts to simulate flora and natural environments. From colorful Static Grass Flowers to Grass and Debris Tufts for wilderness, woodlands and mountainous ranges, Huge Miniatures continues to create more colors and shapes for your journeys and battles. We even offer 2mm Mini Tufts if you have a smaller base or scene you are working with – same great look and texture but in a smaller tuft design for more compact scenarios!

Static Grass Flowers

Flower Tufts

Our selection of beautiful static grass flowers is unrivaled! Flowers are one of the best methods for adding color to your model and enabling those colors to stand out within the landscape. With a diverse range of colors and custom mixes, there’s sure to be some suitable flower tufts for your model base or custom terrain scenery that you’ll find in this section that will work wonders for your terrain design.
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Grass Tufts

Mini Tufts

In many cases, the traditional style and size of 6mm grass tufts can be a little too intrusive for your miniature base or scene. That’s why we came up with our range of 2mm mini tufts, using the same blends of static grass flock that we feature on the regular-sized grass tufts. You can create a perfect scene by combining two colors of our mini tufts for a complimentary color pairing, and voila! – you’ve just made realistic ground cover!
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Debris Tufts

In order to best blend your miniature design into a scenic environment, we offer a complementary range of grass tufts, including debris tufts that incorporate natural debris directly into the tuft! These tufts utilize the same debris that we offer with our basing materials. Pair these with their respective static grass tuft counterparts, or use by themselves, to get the best bang for your buck as you create realistic or imaginative landscapes your crew will love to play upon.
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Static Grass Tufts

Huge Miniatures offers a large range of realistic, self-adhesive miniature basing tufts. Each of our tufts consist of the same colors found in our static grass flock, but at a larger height of 6mm. These tufts make for an excellent miniature basing option, as they’re easy to apply and also provide a great source of visual interest. These static grass tufts can be plucked and placed, with the addition of glue for extra staying power. Each hard-plastic resealable container comes with multiple sized tufts for a variety of placement options on your base or terrain scene.
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Overgrown Tufts

Sometimes it’s easier to create a natural-styled landscape by using existing elements to assist in blending. Our overgrown tufts have an irregular shape like you find in nature and come in various sizes. Additionally, if your scene exists in a fantasy or sci-fi realm, our Otherworld Alien Tufts are the perfect complement to those styles of landscaping for a truly out of this world appearance!
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