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Tree Flock for Miniature Trees

There’s a tradition of using flock to simulate the foliage of miniature trees. Typically you’ll see either variations of foam tree flock or sawdust flock. While we’re all for being resourceful and using the remnants of past woodworking projects for other purposes (like soaking up an oil leak from the garage floor), when you use that stuff on your scenery it simply doesn’t look good.

That’s why we make our tree flocking material out of foam. Not only are the colors considerably brighter, the foam has volume and helps to simulate clusters of leaves on the end of a branch. Another plus side is that if you seal our foam flock with glue or varnish, none of the color will leach out. Our foam flock for miniature trees is top of the line, and at an affordable price. Pair with our ready-made tree armatures to create an instant landscape for your wargaming table today.