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Colorshift Model Paints

Huge Miniatures is very excited about our latest new product line – multicolor paints that allow you to incorporate 2 colors with one paint job! It’s not Tolkien-esque magic but the wonders of science and paint technology – colorshift paints are composed of transparent flake crystals coated with Titanium Dioxide. Depending on the light source and your viewing angle, one of the colors is more dominant, causing interesting visual effects. You may also know these paints as “iridescent paints,” but we think “colorshift” is more modern and also more descriptive.

We’re big on these paints because you can also apply them using an airbrush, without needing to thin them. They won’t dry in your airbrush and you can clean them up with water easily. Our multicolor paints are affordably priced and each bottle comes with 17 ml of paint. We currently feature 10 multi-colors, from Purple Pink to Silver Blue.

If you’re ready to embrace this fun paint technology, we offer the entire set of ten colors in a Multicolor Paint Bundle that saves you some money and a lot of time as opposed to ordering a few every month or so. Same Day Shipping is a big claim of ours that we hold ourselves to daily, so you’ll get your paints fast when you purchase from us. A sweet extra would be our laser cut Acrylic Paint Rack or MDF Paint Rack – show-off your colorshift paints while keeping them easily accessible and safe from damage and spills.