Static Grass Tufts

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Miniature Basing

Undecorated miniature bases are boring. Adding static grass tufts is the perfect way to make your miniature base stand out from the rest. Each of our tufts consist of the same colors as our unique blends of our static grass flock, but at a larger height of 6mm. Use tweezers to help pluck and place. Are self-adhesive tufts are ready to go as-is, but you can apply a dab of glue to make them permanent. Better yet, apply our texture paste and stick your tufts in before it dries.

Tabletop Terrain

The trick to beautiful tabletop scenery is about adding variance to the landscaping. Mixing in grass tufts amongst the ground cover is the easiest way to achieve this effect. We also offer a complimentary range of debris tufts with natural materials throughout. Pair these with their respective static grass tuft counterpart for more options.