Weathering Powders

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Model Pigment

Our line of weathering powders consists of a range of vibrant colors, perfect for adding an extra touch of realism to your miniatures and model kits. With a range of 12 versatile model pigments, this will cover most circumstances where achieving a natural looking weathering effect is desired. While they can be sealed using spray varnish, we also offer a weathering powder fixer in a handy dropper bottle for more precise application.

Terrain Scenery Supplies

Our pigments are extremely versatile and can be used to add weathering effects to ground cover on model bases or diorama landscapes. Using our scenery supplies on your terrain or diorama will enhance the visuals and allow you to easily be the envy of your friends or gaming group. We also have a weathering powder to compliment each of our different texture pastes. Consider trying out our weathering powders today.