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Weathering Powder for Environmental Effects

When you’re ready to take your tabletop model designs to the next step for more exciting, realistic, and detailed gaming adventures, these weathering powders will really boost the appearance. With 12 rich colors currently to choose from like Lichen Green, Peat, Sand, and even Mars Dust for outer space landscapes, your models and scenes will better blend in with your unique environment.

Our weathering powders, like all our products, are designed and manufactured in-house so that we can be sure of the quality of the final product. As gamers ourselves, we look for ease-of-application, authentic colors, and durability in our weathering powder because one never knows what conjured storm or gale-force wind your players will encounter in the world they’re battling in. Huge Miniature weathering powders are versatile custom pigment mixes that look and feel natural and are well-suited to numerous environments – from glacial conditions to rocky crags and rusted fields of weapons. Each flip-top container comes with 30ml of weathering powder for many applications.

We sell each weathering powder individually for your unique design needs, but also offer all 12 containers in a handy bundle that’s more affordable than purchasing each color separately. We have a display rack as well for your growing collection, and also offer our useful Weathering Powder Fixer – a great solution that allows you to fix your weathering powder in-place or build-up layers with more control. Check-out our video tutorial on every individual color’s page to learn how to use and apply weathering powder.