Texture Paste Bundle


Our Texture Paste allows for an instant way to add realistic natural features to your miniature base or terrain. Each resalable jar contains 2oz of texture paste.

• 1 Snow Texture Paste
• 1 Basalt Texture Paste
• 1 Mud Texture Paste
• 1 Dirt Texture Paste
• 1 Martian Texture Paste
• 1 Desert Texture Paste
• 1 Stone Texture Paste


Texture Paste allows for an instant and realistic way to apply ground effects.

Each of our texture pastes uses a unique recipe in order to best recreate specific aspects of our natural environments. Incredibly easy to apply using a brush, spatula, popsicle or stir stick. Simply apply directly to your miniature base or terrain feature directly from the container. For best results, apply in a thick layer. Typically dries in 20-30 minutes, depending on the application.

Texture Paste Tutorial


Shipping Weight 28 oz
Shipping Dimensions 7 × 7 × 2 in