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Tree Armatures

Having a set of trees to use for your tabletop gaming is an essential part of the terrain arsenal. Whether you’re after evergreen trees with pine needles or deciduous color changing leaf-bearing trees, we’ve got a selection for you. We chose sizes that are appropriately scaled for 15-30mm games, without being overly large and disrupting the game.
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Tree Building Kits

As you’re probably aware, having wargaming trees for tabletop is essential. If you’re unsure where to even start, we’ve got you covered. Our kits allow for you to choose the type of armatures, different colors of either pine needle flock or foam flock, and a foliage highlight to tie everything together. We even have a video tutorial demonstrating how to build your own trees for both the evergreen and deciduous styles.
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Foam Flock

If you’re after a vibrant and colorfast selection of tree foam flock, look no further. We offer a range of colors for multiple seasons and climates, including a range of fall colors, and even some specialty ones. We also have an autumn and cherry blossom blend which allows for really neat ground cover effects.
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Scenery Highlight

So you’ve got your wargaming trees for tabletop made. Now it’s time to take things to the next level and show off the highlights and shadows. That’s where our scenery highlight comes in. Apply a coat of aerosol varnish and sprinkle this over-top. It will create an instant highlight, and leave most of the natural flock exposed as a mid-tone. We also have a snow highlight available which works excellent alongside our snow texture paste, and is great for miniature basing.
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Static Grass Flock

Static grass flock is at the core of natural looking basing materials & terrain scenery. We created a number of custom static grass blends which is sure to suit a vast number of biomes found in our real world. The easiest way to apply our static grass to your miniature base is with a small amount of white glue, then flip upside-down and tap on the bottom to help it stand up. No static grass applicator required!
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Showing all 32 results