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Model Paint Brushes

Now that you’ve found our outstanding collection of acrylic modeling paints for your miniatures, you need good brushes to apply your colors. We’ve got them right here. You’ll find that our paint brushes will meet all your painting needs – from our #0 Vegan Sable Round Paint Brush for detailed paint application, #2 Round Brush that can cover a lot of surface area quickly, to our Small Dry Brush to make highlighting effortless.

These are the highest-quality synthetic brushes that we’ve come across, and are durable tools that we’re proud to have as part of the Huge Miniatures lineup. The Vegan Sable Paint Brush Bundle is a great deal that we can’t recommend enough. A pack of three long-lasting brushes that saves you 10% on pricing and equips you to color and texture your models without the increased cost of natural brushes.