Paint Additives Bundle


Paint Additives Bundle



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Our Paint Accessories Bundle is an affordable way to enhance your acrylic paint tool-kit.

This bundle includes all three (3) of our 4oz bottles listed below:

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Improve the versatility of your acrylic paints

Thinning Medium is excellent for increasing the fluidity of thick paints and for thinning your acrylics without noticeably reducing pigmentation.

Flow improver is a wetting agent that reduces the surface tension of your paint. Excellent for thinning paint to use in an airbrush, without color shift or loss of adhesion. We recommend one drop of flow improver to 3-4 drops of paint. Increase ratio depending on the desired viscosity.

Slow Dry is used to extend the amount of work-time you get out of your paint. Perfect for wet-blending and creating smooth color gradients. We recommend wetting your brush with the Slow Dry and then working it into your paint on a palette.


Item Weight 14.4 oz
Item Size 6 × 5 × 2 in
Contents by Volume

4 oz