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Airbrush Model Paints

Huge Miniatures proudly designs and mixes all of our acrylic modeling paints in-house – we’re gamers and we know what we like and we can also ensure the quality of our products by fabricating them ourselves. This includes our colorful line of airbrush modeling paints for modeling – 65 colors and growing!

Besides the obvious advantages to airbrush painting – speedier, more controlled consistency in your coatings and effects, we’ve worked hard to make sure that these airbrush paints are premium-grade, highly opaque, and never require thinning. This is true whether you’re working with our core line, natural line, fluorescent line, or metallic line of airbrush paints. Four different ranges for many different color pairings.

We set-out to formulate a strong range of airbrush paint colors that one can use for every painting project. This was not easily achieved, and required years of refining our paint color palette and processes to make them what they are today. We can tell you that our professional-grade airbrush model paints won’t dry in your airbrush, clean-up quickly with water, don’t cause clogs or spattering with your equipment, and will cover your project in one to two coats.

Model Paint Bundles

We should also mention some good deals on bundled collections of our airbrush paints – the Core Airbrush Paint Bundle, Natural Airbrush Paint Bundle, Fluorescent Airbrush Paint Bundle, and our popular Metallic Airbrush Paint Bundle. These bundles are a fast and economic way to get set-up quickly with a great cadre of colors for your painting projects in no time. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our MDF-based and Acrylic-based Paint Racks – an easy way to have access to all of your paints quickly and easily that doubles as convenient storage to keep your bottles safe and out of harm’s way.

Paint Reference Chart

You can check-out our paint reference chart for brand equivalents and color pairings when using our airbrush paints.