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Scale Modeling Tools for World Build and Decor

Many artists and craftspeople will tell you that the final product is only as good as the tools that help you to make it. We couldn’t agree more, and after many years as tabletop gamers ourselves, we’ve compiled a growing list of scale modeling tools that have helped us to create better landscapes and miniatures over the years – and they can help you as well.

While none of these scale model tools are specifically just for tabletop gaming, we’ve found that this assortment makes your scale modeling and miniature painting much easier – and we’ve assembled everything in one location so you don’t have to shop around or visit numerous hobby or craft shops to get what you need.

Our paint dropper bottles will let you mix-up your own custom colors with ease, while our paint agitator balls and small paint funnel will help keep your paints flowing out of or into these quality plastic bottles conveniently. Our vegan sable model paint brushes are excellent for miniature painting and are some of the best synthetic brushes we’ve used, while our Liquid Green Stuff and Green Stuff Strip are great for filling gaps and for custom model fixes. Did we mention our acrylic and MDF paint racks for keeping your growing studio orderly and your paints safe and sound?

Check-out these many affordable and easy-to-find scale modeling tools that Huge Miniatures has assembled or manufactured ourselves, all under one roof, and enhance your tool collection today.