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Static Grass Blends

Static Grass

In order to better provide realistic static grass colors, we’ve added four new grass blends. Check them out and step up your game. Browse our grass

Autumn Foliage

Autumn Leaves

To celebrate the arrival of temperate fall weather, we’ve released two new autumn colors. A realistic deep red, and a golden orange.
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Dropper Bottle Kit

Dropper Bottle Conversion Kit

If you’re not happy with paint pots, we’ve got you covered. These bottles are superior quality and similar to what other companies use.
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Who Is Huge Miniatures

Game & Modeling Supplies for Wargamers

Huge Miniatures is a small gaming supply company based out of the USA. We provide game and modeling supplies for wargaming, role-playing, tabletop gamers, and diorama builders. We’ve created a varied range of foliage, flock, and static grass that compliments numerous environments and scenarios. Learn more about us here.

Product Categories

Loose Foliage

Flock for Wargaming

Our foam based loose foliage is rich in color and provides a variety of options. Skip the sawdust and use what the pros use.
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Static Grass

Static Grass for Wargaming

The static grass we make is vibrant and realistic. Every blend we offer is hand mixed and provides a beautiful level of variation.
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Clump Foliage

Flock for Wargaming

Our thick Clump Foliage sheets makes building terrain easy and precise. Beautiful for trees, bushes, terrain scatter.
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Accessories and Dropper Bottles

We stock various modeling accessories. Enjoy the convenience and low cost shipping by getting everything in one place.Shop Accessories

Grass Tufts

Grass Tufts

Grass Tufts are an easy way to add visual interest to your miniature base or terrain piece. Our colors compliment many scenes.Shop Grass Tufts



Flower tufts are a quick way to add beautiful contrast to an environment. We offer 12 colors and 4 unique flower blends.Shop Flowers

Debris Tufts

Debris Tufts

Using our Debris Tufts, there’s no need for complex basing. This is an easy way to add variety in a single package.Shop Debris Tufts

Irregular Tufts

Irregular Tufts

Sharing the same color blends as our Grass Tufts, our Irregular Tufts are great for creating an organic feel.Shop Irregular Tufts

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About our products

Our foam flock and static grass blends offer a variety of ways to enhance your wargaming table. Having a variety of tabletop terrain and complimentary bases on your miniatures can really bring your battles to life.

With our premium quality foam flock in a variety of colors and blends, there’s ample opportunity to flavor your game in whichever way you’d like. From historical, to fantasy, to sci-fi, there’s something here for everybody. View our range of foam flock here.

Our unique and original static grass blends allows for a textured and realistic ground cover. With six different static grass blends, there’s surely something here that will suit your needs. View our static grass blends here.