Mega Static Grass Bundle


Our Mega Static Grass Bundle is a massive grouping of our custom static grass blends at a discounted price. This bundle includes all nine (9) of our 8oz grass blends listed below:

• 1 Yellowed Grass
• 1 Burnt Grass
• 1 Desert Grass
• 1 Fertile Grass
• 1 Forest Floor Grass
• 1 Frosty Grass
• 1 Mossy Grass
• 1 Muddy Grass
• 1 Spring Grass

Note: This item is not eligible for further discounts.

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SKU: SG111

Get the mega static grass bundle at one low price

When we make our static grass, we do so by using vibrant colors that stand out, while also looking natural. We create the custom blends by pairing colors, which are found organically in nature. This way, it provides a more realistic appearance and will add variation to your wargaming terrain, miniature bases, model railway layout, or diorama.


Shipping Weight 14.4 oz
Shipping Dimensions 4.25 × 8 × 8 in