Weathering Powder Bundle

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Our Weathering Powder Bundle is a grouping of all our densely pigmented powders at a discounted price. This bundle includes all twelve (12) of our weathering powders listed below:

• 1 Mars Dust
• 1 Red Rust
• 1 Orange Rust
• 1 Peat
• 1 Earth
• 1 Sand
• 1 Patina
• 1 Lichen
• 1 Ash
• 1 Jet Black
• 1 Gunmetal
• 1 Pure White

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Weathering Powder at a low price

Our weathering powders are custom color recipes that can best compliment elements found in our natural environment. Use as a finishing touch before sealing your model.

Apply weathering powder liberally with a dry brush, then seal with a matte spray lacquer. Reapply powder in-between coats of lacquer. Our flip-top lids allow for quick use of different colors simultaneously. No need to use different brushes when jumping from color to color, just give the bristles a good blow.


Shipping Weight16.8 oz
Shipping Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 4 in