Natural Tones Paint Bundle Box


Our Natural Tones Bundle is a grouping of some of our acrylic model paints at a discounted price. This bundle includes the ten (10) paints listed below:

• 1 Pale Rose
• 1 Bone White
• 1 Ochre
• 1 Camel Tan
• 1 Terracotta
• 1 Brick Red
• 1 Red Mesa
• 1 Buckeye Brown
• 1 Loam Brown
• 1 Ebony

Note: This item is not eligible for further discounts.

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All of our natural tones colors in a discounted bundle

Our model paints are densely pigmented and highly opaque. All of our paints are medium-body which makes them easy to thin without sacrificing on coverage quality. Each bottle also comes with an included paint agitator. Just a few shakes and you’re ready to get painting.

For optimum performance, use on a wet-palette with low permeability paper, thin with acrylic medium, and apply over a primed surface.


Shipping Weight 11.4 oz
Shipping Dimensions 5 × 6.25 × 1 in
Bottle Size

17 ml