Rose Gold Metallic Airbrush Paint

Rose Gold Metallic Airbrush Paint


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These premium grade airbrush metallics are loaded with extraordinarily fine metallic powder.

Our metallic airbrush colors are highly opaque and can achieve full coverage with one or two coats. The best part is that they never require thinning!

Each bottle has 17ml of paint and comes with an included paint agitator.

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High-Flow airbrush paint that requires no thinning

We’ve created a range of professional grade airbrush model paint that ticks all of the boxes.

  • Never requires thinning
  • Won’t dry in your airbrush
  • No more dealing with clogs or spattering
  • Cleans up quickly with water
  • Full coverage in one or two coats

Having properly formulated airbrush paints takes the hassle out of having to thin paints, troubleshoot airbrush issues, and spend an unreasonable amount of time cleaning between switching colors. We set out to formulate a range of airbrush colors that you can use for every painting project. This is not easily achieved, and required years of refining our paint color palette and processes.

This color and many more are available in a discounted Metallic Airbrush Paint Bundle. We also have an exact color match with our Rose Gold Metallic brush on acrylic.

View our paint reference chart for color pairings and brand equivalents


Item Weight 1 oz
Item Size 1 × 1 × 3 in
Bottle Size

17 ml


Brown, Gold