Golden Orange Loose Foliage

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The premium grade Golden Orange loose foliage brings life to your tabletop. Beautiful for trees, bushes, terrain scatter, or in some cases, even your miniatures!

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Golden Orange flock, a soft pink flock great for cherry trees

Our colorfast Loose Foliage gold orange flock is made out of dyed foam. We believe that, by using foam over sawdust, it provides a more true to life appearance. Furthermore, it allows for more vibrant colors. The advantage of using flock in this way is to create authentic looking trees, shrubs and bushes. As a result, you’ll bring a realistic appearance to your wargaming terrain, miniature bases, model railway layout, or diorama.

Our loose foliage works great for many popular game and modeling scales. Common scales include: HO, OO, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm and 35mm. Because application is versatile, our flock adapts perfectly with various other scales.

Our Golden Orange Loose Foliage compliments the Burnt Grass Loose Foliage beautifully well.


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4" x 6" Resealable Bag