Static Grass Flock

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40k Basing

We have the right static grass flock for your 40k basing needs. Covering the miniature bases of an army doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Our flock blends come in a large range of unique colors. We’re sure to have something that will add a nice contrast to your miniature paint scheme, and help set your basing apart from the rest. We also have our line of 4-in-1 scatter flock sets, which also presents a great option for basing your 40k army.

Miniature Grass for Terrain

Static grass flock is often one of the easiest methods of covering swaths of wargaming scenery. When you use miniature grass for terrain ground cover, you can obtain beautiful and realistic results without breaking the bank. Our 2mm blends are made from vibrant colors, but mixed in a way that look realistic and appealing.

Showing all 10 results