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Diorama Model Building Materials

Weathering Powders

We offer a huge variety of high quality and versatile scale modeling supplies. Our line of weathering powders are made from dense pigments and are the perfect touch for your miniatures and model kits. They are also extremely versatile and can be used to add weathering effects to ground cover on model bases or diorama landscapes. While they can be sealed using spray varnish, we also offer a weathering powder fixer for more precise application.
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Dropper Bottles

If you’re looking to upgrade your model building materials, transferring your paint pots into our dropper bottles is a great way to ensure your paints don’t dry out and will last for years. Protect your miniature painting investment and save yourself money over the long-term. Our quality bottles are made in the USA and are far superior to the other bottles that you’ll find from other sources. We also have both glass paint agitator balls and rustproof paint mixing balls to make shaking your paints a breeze. Upgrade your scale modeling supplies today.
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Paint Accessories

There are many purposes for various acrylic paint additives, similar to what we offer with our range of paint accessories. If you’re looking to extend the work-time of your paint, our slow dry is the perfect solution. It also allows for easy wet blending between colors. There’s also circumstances where your paint doesn’t glide over the surface of your model as smoothly as you’d like. For this, you can use our flow improver. Additionally, if you’re interested in thinning our an overly thick acrylic paint, our paint thinning medium is perfect for this. If you want the entire range, we offer everything together in one discounted acrylic paint additive bundle.
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Showing all 31 results