Basing Materials & Terrain Scenery

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Wargaming Supplies

We offer a vast range of various basing materials and terrain scenery construction supplies. While many of which were designed in a way to make building wargaming and tabletop scenery easier, our range is versatile and can be used with any scale model project. If you want to improve your miniature basing in the easiest way possible, look no further. Also perfect for diorama landscaping, railroad modeling and for use in personal displays.

Texture Paste

With our selection of texture paste is a fast drying spreadable gel. After applied to your miniature base, various landscape elements can be pressed into the paste. When it dries, it will be solid and keep everything fixed in place. Our texture pastes come in a number of textures and colors in order to best replicate the landscape of your choosing. We also have a weathering powder to compliment each of our texture paints.
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4-in-1 Scatter Flock

Our 4-in-1 Scatter flock is a dream combo of different complimentary products that we create, all in one affordable package. Each container consists of static grass, foam flock, and a basing material to add contrast. Simply apply some plain white glue where you want to affix our scatter flock and sprinkle some over top. This takes miniature basing to the next level and pairs well with our texture paste.
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Miniature Basing Grit

We have a range of basing grits to suit a number of different applications. If you’re seeking a more natural effect, or you want to add various types of rubble to a ruined landscape, we’ve got you covered. Also featured is our debris materials, which perfectly complement our range of debris tufts.
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Static Grass Flock

Static grass flock is at the core of natural looking basing materials & terrain scenery. We created a number of custom static grass blends which is sure to suit a vast number of biomes found in our real world. The easiest way to apply our static grass to your miniature base is with a small amount of white glue, then flip upside-down and tap on the bottom to help it stand up. No static grass applicator required!
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Showing all 37 results