Tree Armatures

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Tabletop Terrain

Having a diverse range of tabletop terrain is important in bringing your wargaming and tabletop fantasy stories to life. At the core of your terrain scenery should be beautifully flocked trees. We offer a set of ready-made tree armatures to make creating trees as simple as possible. If you’re interested in adding trees to your collection, check out our tree building kits, which includes most of what you’ll need.

Wargaming Scenery

Many of history’s most famous battles have taken place on a battlefield in open landscapes. In order to best represent these stories and recreate a believable atmosphere, wargaming trees have to be a part of the scene. Even in fantasy or future games, trees can add a unique aspect to your game and could even modify the rules. Scattering some trees across your table is a surefire way to make things more interesting.

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