Black Model Wash

Black Model Wash


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Our washes are highly pigmented and can achieve a lowlight in a single coat. Each bottle has 17ml of wash and comes with an included paint agitator.

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Black Wash quickly lowlights details

Our washes are heavily pigmented and can be applied in a single coat. These washes can also be used to speedpaint in a similar fashion to other brands contrast paints, and allow for the basecoat color properties to show through. Each bottle comes with an included paint agitator.

For best results, apply over a primed or base-coated surface.

For achieving more advanced effects, consider pairing with our Thinning Medium, Flow Improver, and Slow Dry.

View our paint reference chart for color pairings and brand equivalents


Item Weight 1 oz
Item Size 1 × 1 × 3 in
Bottle Size

17 ml