Metal Medium – x4


Our metal medium is a neutral white metallic paint. It can be mixed with other paints to give that color a metallic sheen. Each bottle has 17ml of paint and comes with an included paint agitator.

SKU: PNT227-x4

Metal Medium is a versatile metallic model paint

Our metallic model paints are loaded with extraordinarily fine metallic powder and provides highly opaque coverage. All of our metallic paints are viscous which makes it easy to dilute without over-thinning. Each bottle comes with an included paint agitator.

For best results, apply multiple thin coats over a primed surface.

For achieving more advanced effects, consider pairing with our Thinning Medium, Flow Improver, and Slow Dry.


Shipping Weight 4 oz
Shipping Dimensions 4 × 1 × 3 in
Bottle Size

17 ml