Scenery Highlight Bundle


Our Foliage Highlight Bundle is a grouping of all our colorful highlights at a discounted price. This bundle includes all six (6) of our foliage highlight colors listed below:

• 1 Snow Highlight
• 1 Mossy Highlight
• 1 Fertile Highlight
• 1 Burnt Highlight
• 1 Autumn Yellow Highlight
• 1 Autumn Red Highlight

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Scenery Highlight bundle at a discounted price

Our scenery highlight utilizes a blend of bright colors, giving your scenery the burst of realism it deserves. For best results, gently tap through a sieve over flocked tree. Seal with matte spray finish. Wearing respiratory protection is highly recommended when using this product. Works great for highlighting ground surfaces and for creating moss type effects. Also excellent over foliage and trees.


Shipping Weight 12 oz
Shipping Dimensions 4 × 4.5 × 6 in