Evergreen Tree Substructures


Our Evergreen Tree Substructures allow for a low effort way to fill your table up with beautiful trees. Perfect for 25-32mm games.

• 6 Evergreen Tree Substructures between 6.5″ – 8″
• 6 Bases

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Every suitable table looks better with trees and now we have a system to make this easier than ever before. Our evergreen tree substructures makes creating trees a breeze. Two containers of static grass are recommended to flock one pack (6) of trees. Feel free to mix and match!

Follow these simple steps for beautiful trees:

  1. Glue the trunks to the included bases
  2. Coat with all purpose spray adhesive
  3. Sprinkle static grass (or use a static applicator) and shake off excess
  4. Seal using a heavy coat of matte spray finish

Bonus tips:

  • Trimming sections the substructure using scissors will create a more organic look.
  • Adding a foliage highlight before sealing can add a beautiful highlight.
  • Collecting and reusing foliage while flocking is recommended in order to minimize waste and maximize materials.

Our evergreen tree substructures are at their best when paired with Static Grass and Foliage Highlight.


Shipping Weight3 oz
Shipping Dimensions10 × 10 × 2 in

6 Bases, 6 Substructures