Create Your Own: Evergreen Tree Building Kit


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Evergreen Tree Tutorial

We’ve got everything that you need to easily fill your tabletop with trees. They also make great trees for dioramas. Take advantage of our tree building kit and get all of the scenery supplies needed at a discounted price! The only materials required by you is a can of spray adhesive and varnish. The included tree armatures are excellent for tabletop and make great trees for dioramas.

Follow these instructions for beautiful looking trees:

  1. Glue the trunks to the included bases
  2. Coat with all purpose spray adhesive
  3. Sprinkle on the static grass (or apply through a sieve) and shake off the excess
  4. Seal with coat of matte spray finish
  5. Finally lightly sprinkle on foliage highlight (or apply through a sieve) and tap off the excess

Bonus tips:

  • Trimming sections the substructure with scissors will create a more organic look.
  • The tree armatures are safe to base coat with spray paint.
  • Collecting and reusing static grass while flocking is recommended in order to minimize waste and maximize materials.


Shipping Weight 10 oz
Shipping Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in